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Citrix Receiver Download and Installation Instructions

If you have not yet configured Storefront access or need to upgrade your Citrix Receiver client, please click the Citrix Receiver Download and Installation Instructions link above.

NOTE: You must have a recent Citrix Receiver version installed to access Storefront applications.

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Storefront Web Access

This page outlines how to install the needed software and access applications from the Adventist Health Storefront Web access portal.


  • Latest Version of Citrix Receiver software
  • Adventist Health account capable of accessing network services
  • Access to the Internet or Adventist Health “ahpublic” wireless network
  • You must also have a Digipass token/app if you are required to log in with two factor authentication

Citrix Receiver Installation and Configuration

Step 1 – Click Appropriate Link from Connect Login page

NOTE – The link you need depends on whether you are required to authenticate with one or two factor authentication.

Look at the image below and click the link indicated for the type of authentication your account requires:

Links Diagram

Step 2 – Log In

Authenticate with your account credentials (single or two factor):

Authentication Prompts

NOTE: Use supplied AH Digipass token/app for PIN

Step 3 – Auto-Detect Citrix Receiver Client

If you see the following screen when accessing storefront for the first time, click the Detect Receiver button:

Detect Citrix Receiver

After clicking the Detect Receiver button the following screen should appear:

Agree to Citrix License

NOTE – If you already have the latest Citrix Receiver client installed, or just want to continue with the current version you have installed, you may click on the “Already installed” link, and skip to Navigation of Web Access below.

Otherwise, to install the updated client, click the “I agree with the Citrix license agreement” check box, then click the Download button.

Step 4 – Download and Install Citrix Receiver

You should see a screen similar to the following:


If presented with options to either Run or Save the package, then Run it.

If your only option is to Save the file, then save the file and then run it from the download location (may be in Downloads folder).

NOTE for Mac OSX users: Run the installer (CitrixReceiver.dmg) by double clicking it after saving it.

The following screen shots are from the installation on Windows PCs, but there should be similar configuration required for Mac OSX computers:


Click the Start button then accept the license agreement and click Next:

Accept License Agreement

NOTE: Make sure “Enable single sign-on” option is NOT checked, then click the Install button:

No Single Sign-on

Click the Finish button to close the installer.


Step 5 – Set Up Server Address

You may see the following popup when installing for the first time:

You will need to enter one of the following two addresses, then click the Add button:

  1. (for single factor authentication, must be authorized)
  2. (two factor token access, additional token PIN required for access)

Server Address Prompt

After clicking the Close/Finish buttons, you should now see the following screen:

Download Client

Click the Continue button to continue to the Storefront web portal.

Navigation of Storefront Web Access

The following screen should be displayed. All Citrix published applications and desktops assigned to your user account will be available:

  • Clicking the APPS tab displays all available published applications.
  • Clicking the FAVORITES tab displays just applications you have flagged as favorites.
  • Clicking the DESKTOPS tab (if any) displays any available desktops you have access to.

Store Options

Adding Favorites

  • You can add an application icon to your favorites list by clicking on the APPS tab and finding the icon you want to add to favorites and click on the Details link next to the icon you want to add (as shown below).
  • Apps Tab

  • Then click on Add to Favorites to add the icon to your favorites tab (as shown below)
  • Add to Favorites

    Removing Favorites

  • To remove an application icon from your favorites tab, click on the Favorites tab and find the icon you want to remove and click on the Details link next to the application icon you want to remove (as shown below).
  • Favorite Details

  • Then click the Remove option to remove the icon from your favorites tab (as shown below)
  • Remove from Favorites

    Accessing Desktops

  • You may see a DESKTOPS tab if you have access to one or more virtual desktops.
  • You can access desktops by clicking on the DESKTOPS tab and then clicking on the virtual desktop icons listed there (as shown below)
  • Desktops

Additional Notes for Users of Apple Mac OSX Computers:

When we last tested functionality on Mac OSX systems, Citrix applications could not be launched when using the Safari web browser.

You may need to instead use an alternative web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. If you do not already have Mozilla Firefox installed, you can visit the web site and download it free of charge.

Need More Help?

If the above instructions do not work or you need more assistance, please contact the support center at (916) 783-2750. Choose option 8 from the voice menu.

Check your registered MFA device to respond, if applicable...